Highest Open Rates With Mobile Messaging

Everyone with a mobile phone can send and receive text messages. The number of active mobile devices is higher than Earth’s population. You do the math!

Open rate for SMS is over 99%. If there is a glimpse of a doubt that this number is overrated, try to remember when was the last time you didn’t read an SMS you received.

For extra efficiency and ultimate results – discover our new Viber + SMS offer that provides unique enhanced user experience and best delivery results.

If you want your consumers to get your message, you should definitely use mobile messaging services. NTH Mobile offers an extensive messaging portfolio forged on years of experience with handling and delivering the most efficient messaging solutions.

Get complete messaging solutions for your business

  • Low start-up cost and minimal set up time
  • Global reach with more than 1000 operators
  • Viber + SMS for best delivery and enhanced user experience 
  • Consulting on local laws and regulations
  • Full support during integration, testing and release
  • Remote testing of messaging services (Simtest.it)
  • Best delivery rates - combine multiple channels

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