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15 Feb 2021

Send Bulk SMS Worldwide

Bulk SMS Messaging is a simple, quick and reliable way to reach a massive amount of mobile users worldwide. Why? Because – with an open rate of over 90%, it’s safe to say that everybody reads SMS!

Types of Bulk SMS messages

A Bulk SMS (A2P SMS) service can benefit any type of business or industry. It is most commonly used to send high volumes of transactional and promotional (marketing) text messages.

An example of a transactional message would be to send a code inside an SMS text message (One-Time Password, or OTP in short) after users log in to your website or app. This method is called Two-Factor Authentication.

With promotional messages, you can send a Bulk SMS campaign with special offers and promotions for your goods or services, delivered to your audience in a simple SMS.

High-quality Bulk SMS routes

As a global Bulk SMS provider, our priority is to deliver the highest quality. That’s why we provide the most reliable connections to more than 1,000 mobile operators worldwide.

Our robust Bulk SMS platform lets you:

  • Get flawless delivery through our own direct, 0-hop connections
  • Send updates, notifications and time-critical SMS without worries
  • Improve user login security with 2FA

You can send Bulk SMS online over a simple web interface, or connect to our API. Both are very easy and fast to set up.

Features of our Bulk SMS solution

  • A2P messaging for updates, notifications, promo offers and OTT traffic
  • PIN codes via SMS for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Time-critical SMS delivery
  • Multichannel integration – Viber Business Messaging with SMS fallback
  • Real-time delivery reports & analytics for performance monitoring
  • Two-way messaging for user feedback
  • 24/7 technical support

Direct Bulk routes for SMS termination

When it comes to SMS termination, it is important to work with a partner who can guarantee reliability and security, which is possible only through direct routes. We offer direct bulk SMS termination routes to many mobile operators, mainly in Europe. Partner with us and benefit from trustworthy results and stable pricing.

Our top-quality operator connections ensure all your SMS messages get delivered safely and securely. We offer access to worldwide destinations with high quality full-featured termination and excellent pricing. To maintain the highest level of quality, we are constantly expanding direct bulk connections.

Exploring the possibilities of Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing remains the most convenient channel for direct B2C communication. It is used by SME and large enterprises, media houses, consumer brands and financial establishments. They mostly use it for alerts, reminders, information, special offers and corporate communication. Software for sending Bulk SMS can also be used for fraud control in the finance industry.

Reliable and user-friendly software for sending Bulk SMS

We ensure secure and reliable SMS termination with local direct connection to mobile operators and full market coverage with long-term stable pricing. Available direct operator SMSC connections fully support all features:

  • Alphanumeric Sender ID
  • Real-time Delivery Reports
  • Local time stamp
  • Concatenated messages
  • Unicode and more

All industry standard protocols are supported: SMPP, HTTP/HTTPs, UCP, etc. We will support you with a full package, including consulting, live Bulk SMS termination testing service and sender IDs for markets where they need to be preregistered by operators.

Key features of our Bulk SMS Gateway

  • Due to its high capacity and quality, our SMS Gateways deliver millions of SMS every month
  • You will get high performance, real time delivery reports, free choice origin, number portability and deferred messaging
  • You can choose among a variety of supported formats, covering GSM and CDMA network technologies
  • Our Bulk SMS pricing options are adjusted to your needs – prepaid or postpaid, volume based
  • You will send your messages over a simple and fast flexible connection by using industry standard connection protocols (SMPP, HTTP, UCP etc.), or by implementing any customized protocol
  • Of course, our Bulk SMS offer includes VPN tunnel, security and data privacy protection
  • To monitor the progress and efficiency of your campaigns, you will get real-time web based detailed reporting that provides a constant overview of your traffic
  • Finally, we offer 24/7 technical support with a friendly technical support team ready to assist you in your mobile business

Why choose us as your Bulk SMS provider

We have been proudly delivering global Bulk SMS service to customers for over 20 years. With our long-time experience on the market and extensive knowledge, you can get consulting on local regulations for each market.

Also, by partnering with us you can send as many messages you want, and only pay for those you send – no extra fees.

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