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20 Jan 2021

Viber Business Messages with SMS Fallback

If only there was a way to cut campaign costs AND earn more revenue at the same time…

But there is one – using the globally popular Viber app!

With more than a billion users around the world, the potential of Viber for businesses is enormous. It lets you move your communication closer to your customers, by reaching them on the same platform they use daily to chat with friends and family.

What are Viber Business Messages?

Formerly known as Service Messages, these are rich-media messages that can include up to 1000 characters, with images and buttons which can lead your customers to a desired action – such as visiting your website directly from the Viber app, send message or initiate a call.

When combined with SMS and email campaigns, Viber Business Messages form the most powerful omnichannel marketing strategy. It’s the easiest way to share your latest updates, information or special offers.

For your contacts who are not on Viber, you can send your messages in the form of SMS just as easily with the SMS fallback option, and make sure they reach every one of your contacts!

Why use Viber for messaging?

Using Viber Business Messages, you can:

  • Send Transactional or Promotional messages
  • Include up to 1000 characters, images and action buttons within a single message
  • Have an officially branded company profile, familiar to your customers
  • Get the highest open rates (97%) and conversion rates (up to 50%)
  • Pay only for those messages that were successfully delivered in Viber
  • Reach all contacts with the Viber + SMS option

How to start with Viber for Business?

Integration is easy – you can send Viber Business Messages through a web interface or API.

  • Web interface – for simple and easy campaign management.
  • API – direct database integration for messages triggered by specific user actions or events.

Our customer support will lead you through the whole integration process.

Additionally, you can use two-way messaging to receive customer feedback about your products or services and get valuable insights directly from customers themselves!

mobile screen with example of viber business message

Need more info about using Viber for your business? Feel free to get in touch with us!

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