Direct Carrier Billing

Enable quick payments via mobile internet or Wi-Fi, and charge to customers' mobile phone bills.

What is Direct Carrier Billing and how does it work?

Direct Carrier Billing (or Direct Operator Billing) is a simple online payment method that allows mobile users to pay for both digital and physical goods in just a few clicks. Payments are completed over mobile internet or Wi-Fi and charged to the customer’s mobile phone bill through a direct connection with the mobile operator.

Single API Connection

Access all markets from a single DCB API.

PSD2 Compliant

Accept DCB payments for physical goods in the EU.

Global Coverage

Expand your reach to new markets worldwide.

The benefits of Direct Carrier Billing

Example of Direct Carrier Billing flow

Press the button to select "Pay by phone"


Choose option to pay with mobile phone bill

Confirm your purchase of the game. You will be charged €0.99.


Select Direct Carrier Billing as payment method

Thank you for your purchase.


Purchase completed over mobile internet or Wi-Fi

Thank you for purchasing this game. You were charged €0.99.

Confirmation receipt sent in an SMS message

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FAQ about Direct Carrier Billing

Where is Direct Carrier Billing most commonly used?

Direct Carrier Billing is most commonly used for billing in the entertainment industry (for content such as online games and streaming services and OTT platforms with on-demand content), but it is also used in e-commerce for physical goods, buying tickets, etc. If you are interested in a particular market, you can see our Country Conditions section for more information.

Who accepts Direct Carrier Billing?

Carrier billing is accepted by the most popular online app stores (e.g. Google Play) and digital merchants, social networks, and many other content providers offering single or recurring payment models.

How does Direct Carrier Billing work for merchants?

Depending on the type of content offered, you can activate two types of carrier billing: mobile content or standard (web) content. When mobile content is offered, the user confirmation is completed using a disclaimer. This model is known as Mobile Internet Billing. The standard (web) content model uses PIN confirmation to authenticate the purchase, which is called Web Billing.

How to implement Direct Carrier Billing?

Our technical team can guide you through the DCB integration via API. Alternatively, it can also be implemented using our SDK Payment Widget for merchants with online or in-app stores.

How can I get started with Direct Carrier Billing?

Contact our Sales team and provide info about the content or services you would like to launch, which type of billing you are interested in (one-time purchases, or subscriptions), and which countries you are interested in.

Why choose us as your Direct Carrier Billing provider?

Our goal is to make sure you get the most complete Direct Carrier Billing service on the market. By choosing us, you get unbeatable technical support backed by over two decades of industry experience, with deep knowledge of local markets and regulations acquired over the years.

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