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31 Aug 2023

Meet us at Global Carrier Billing Summit and World Telemedia

Our team is gearing up for the two prestigious events in the world of mobile payment — the Global Carrier Billing Summit and World Telemedia. We have some truly exciting discussions ahead, where we will delve into the landscape of mobile payments, explore the future of various payment methods, and examine emerging solutions and monetization strategies.

Global Carrier Billing Summit

The Global Carrier Billing Summit has consistently brought together key industry stakeholders in the carrier billing ecosystem. This year, the summit returns in its new iteration – The Global Carrier Billing and Mobile Payments Summit.

The event will analyze the entire mobile payments universe to predict the future of various payment methods, while also examining emerging solutions and monetization strategies.

World Telemedia

World Telemedia is designed for any business aiming to engage with and commercialize connected consumers while they use mobile devices and phones to respond or interact with value-added services, apps, and premium content offers. It remains the original and the best platform for monetizing and trading traffic, minutes, or messages with leading players from across the globe.

If you’re thinking of stopping by, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting with our team so we can discuss potential partnerships and create mutually beneficial relationships. We are truly excited to connect with you!

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