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Top bulk prices – Best quality in selected markets!

Messaging based on your needs

Led by experience, technology and innovations, NTH Mobile offers a complete solution for sending Bulk SMS either through single API or using specialized messaging management application.

We currently offer access to more than 800 destinations worldwide with high quality full featured termination and excellent pricing. To maintain highest level of quality, NTH Mobile is constantly expanding direct bulk connections.

Exclusively in this newsletter – reduced Bulk SMS price in few selected markets

NTH Mobile is initiating a series of Bulk SMS special offers. Grab the first one: reduced price for our direct SMSC connections in Switzerland and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

To get the special reduced price for Bulk SMS in Switzerland and Bosnia & Herzegovina send us your order by the end of September!

NTH Mobile Bulk SMS Gateway key features

  • Due to its high capacity and quality, our SMS Gateways deliver millions of SMS every month
  • You will get high performance, real time delivery reports, free choice origin, number portability and deferred messaging
  • You can choose among a variety of supported formats, covering GSM and CDMA network technologies
  • Our Bulk SMS pricing options are adjusted to your needs – prepaid or postpaid, volume based
  • You will send your messages over a simple and fast flexible connection by using industry standard connection protocols (SMPP, HTTP, UCP etc.), or by implementing any customized protocol
  • Of course, our Bulk SMS offer includes VPN tunnel, security and data privacy protection
  • To monitor the progress and efficiency of your campaigns, you will get real-time web based detailed reporting that provides a constant overview of your traffic
  • Finally, we offer 24/7 technical support with a friendly technical support team ready to assist you in your mobile business

For the special reduced price, contact your account manager

or use the contact form to send your order by the end of the month!
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Switzerland and Bosnia & Herzegovina key features

  • Reaching all networks via direct Bulk connection
  • Stabile prices
  • Real time handset delivery reports
  • Dynamic alphanumeric sender ID support
  • Number portability check support
  • High throughput with fast SMS delivery