Best Geo And International Toll Free Numbers | NTH Mobile

Geo numbers are used for call centers, info services, customer care services, helpdesk, etc. They  can be accessed internationally while the tariffs remain consistent with the geographic area code. Geographical numbers can be forwarded anywhere in the world trough our infrastructure. A number can be assigned to your landline, mobile or IP device (additional charges will apply if routed to a landline or mobile).

Toll-free numbers (also known as Free phone, Free call)

Free phone (also called Free call, toll-free or 800) number is free of charge for the caller. Some countries demand that customer care services are provided with free phone numbers, meaning the service is free for users. Toll-free numbers are usually used for info services, promotional services, customer care service, etc.

Universal access number

If you use several different telephone numbers in different locations, universal access numbers can be used to create a single, unified and easy to remember number throughout the country. End users will be able to use a single number of no geographical significance to call your offices. You can receive incoming calls at any location and the cost will be charged in full to the caller. The cost is usually equal to the normal/local tariff.

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