Premium SMS Payments – Enable Customers to Pay by SMS

Premium SMS payment services create a new channel for your business to sell and monetize your digital, non-physical goods.

With a Premium SMS payment system, consumers are empowered to pay by SMS for a wide array of services: virtual money for online gaming, membership for online communities, online and mobile content, SMS voting, various info services such as weather, traffic or news alerts – and more.

Premium SMS payments – simple to integrate, widely used 

  • Available in more than 70 countries through a single point of access
  • Professional consulting on local legislation and consumer preferences
  • Attractive payout rates tailored to fit all your needs
  • Single API for all markets – integrate once, enter all markets instantly
  • Full technical support during and after integration
  • Live remote testing of services and campaigns (
  • Quick service activation – for shared numbers even within one business day
  • Multi-lingual customer care in 20 local languages

Premium SMS payments provided by NTH Mobile come with flexible billing types; MO and/or MT billing, supported with flexible tariffs.

We support a variety of services that will enable you customers to pay by sending simple SMS messages:

  • Support for push/pull (one-off purchases)
  • Session based (chat)
  • Content downloads
  • Web payments
  • Subscription services (for recurring payments).

Feel free to check specific country conditions and supported services in your desired market, or contact us to learn more!