Premium SMS Payments – Enable Customers to Pay by SMS

Premium SMS payments allow you to monetize your content by enabling customers to pay with a simple SMS. This mobile payment method is one of the most popular in the world, because all it takes is to send and receive an SMS text message – a feature supported by every mobile phone.

Simple to integrate, widely used 

  • Available in more than 70 countries through a single point of access
  • Professional consulting on local legislation and consumer preferences
  • Attractive payout rates tailored to fit all your needs
  • Single API for all markets - integrate once, enter all markets instantly
  • Full technical support during and after integration
  • Live remote testing of services and campaigns (
  • Quick service activation - for shared numbers even within one business day
  • Multi-lingual customer care in 20+ local languages

Paying with a simple text message, from any mobile phone

With Premium SMS (also called PSMS for short), you can start accepting payments for a wide array of digital goods and services: virtual money for online gaming, membership for online communities, online and mobile content, SMS voting, or various info services such as weather, traffic or news alerts, and more.

Premium SMS payments provided by NTH Mobile come with flexible billing types; MO (Mobile Originated) and/or MT (Mobile Terminated) billing, supported with flexible tariffs.

By connecting to our payment gateway, you can enable your customers to pay by SMS in various cases:

  • Support for push/pull (one-off purchases)
  • Session-based (chat)
  • Content downloads
  • Web payments
  • Subscription services (for recurring payments)

Feel free to check specific country conditions and all supported mobile services in your desired market, or contact us to learn more!

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