Payment Manager - A Powerful Payments Manager System

Using a single API and only a handful of parameters, you can have a worldwide distribution of your services. You will no longer have to worry about complicated country specifics. Payment manager allows you to unify your short code, price, mandatory message text and service flow in a single product. The payment flow will be customized as far as regulations allow. Furthermore, you can either choose to be involved in every step of the payment logic, or you can let us take care of everything.

Multiple payment channels and countries - single integration

  • Single integration allows access to complete payment coverage
  • Supports multiple payment channels: SMS, MIP, Credit card
  • You can expand your offer with no additional development
  • Special in-app solution for SMS services
  • Detailed backend notifications
  • Support for restoring purchases
  • Payment widget

Payment widget is a feature of Payment manager that allows an even faster integration to our system. You can completely customize it and have a white-label solution for your services. NTH Mobile supports Android, iOS, Windows phone/Windows 8 and web systems.

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