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Direct operator billing (also known as direct carrier billing, or "DCB" in short) is a safe and reliable mobile payment model. With it, customers can pay for online content, goods and services directly with their mobile phone bill.

Payments are completed through a direct connection to the mobile operator, to which end users are already subscribed and who they already trust. 

Why offer customers to pay with mobile phone bill

  • Simple payment process - high conversion rates
  • Low transaction costs - attractive payout rates
  • Fast and secure payments
  • Worldwide reach

This method of direct mobile billing requires no registration process, short numbers or long form fills. Instead, mobile subscribers are able to click and buy in a matter of seconds, as the content they buy will be safely charged to their active mobile phone bill. 

Other than the speed and security of payments, mobile carrier billing is highly flexible, which means you can use this payment method to sell items of high value.

And due to its high payout rates, it is widely considered a preferred method for mobile payments. Transaction costs are reduced to a minimum and there are no additional costs or hidden fees involved in this payment process.

You can also benefit by knowing upfront if the mobile user has enough funds to pay for the product. This is enabled through billing confirmation before the delivery of the product (or service) itself, which helps with predicting your revenue better.

Who accepts direct carrier billing

Carrier billing is accepted by the most popular online app stores (e.g. Google Play) and digital merchants, social networks, and many other content providers offering single or recurring payment models. 

However, there are specific regulations which apply in each country where such payments are available. You can check our world map with country conditions for different billing and service types for every market, as well as info about local mobile operators.

Start growing more revenue with carrier billing

  • Ready-to-use solution for mobile carrier billing
  • Both one-time purchases and subscriptions supported
  • End-to-end support with service development and integration
  • Real-time web based statistics for full service performance control
  • 24/7 live technical support

Depending on the type of content offered, you can activate two types of carrier billing: mobile content or standard (web) content.

When mobile content is offered, the user confirmation is completed using a disclaimer. This model is known as Mobile Internet Billing. The standard (web) content model uses PIN confirmation to authenticate the purchase, which is called Web Billing.

Full support and worldwide coverage 

NTH Mobile offers direct operator billing services in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Americas, while actively working on adding support for more.

We also provide a superior mobile testing solution which you can easily integrate to test all of your mobile payment flows, on real devices around the world.

To meet the regulations in each country, we also provide a supporting contact center with native-speaking live agents.

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