Remote Mobile Testing

Any quality service requires thorough testing to be polished for customer use. Since testing is not always accessible from roaming, geography separation can be quite a big obstacle for new merchants.

Our tool called makes merchant on-boarding easier by offering testing from a remote location. This is a unique tool that facilitates testing from a remote location via Internet with real SIM cards placed in more than 70 countries. 

  • Quality assurance testing from remote locations
  • Efficient assistance in merchant on-boarding of new services
  • Realtime payment & billing execution verification
  • Automated compliance tests that assure your customers remain satisfied and loyal
  • Mobile web page look and feel observation

Merchants can test their Direct Carrier Billing payment flow, Premium & Bulk SMS, mobile web and IVR, while NTH Mobile’s progressive compliance monitoring assures customers are protected from potentially harmful merchants and fraud.

Because of this quality assurance testing, customer satisfaction and trust increase, and customers are more likely to remain loyal to the MNO. 

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