DCB platform

Mobile purchasing has been used and promoted to great extent. Now, mobile operators are given the opportunity to share in on potentially the biggest revenue generator in the future: Direct Carrier Billing, attractive payment method in which the cost of purchasing certain content is charged to the user’s mobile account. The only condition for making a purchase is a phone with an active SIM card. 

MNOs who implement DCB solution will witness increased customer satisfaction, retention of existing customers and acquisition of new ones and addition of new areas in business. Instead of making risky investments and taking on extensive and long-lasting DIY projects, implement the complete DCB solution by NTH mobile and start experiencing the benefits for your business.

  • Single entry point towards MNOs legacy billing systems
  • Fully-featured, highly scalable platform
  • Continuously developed since 2009
  • Supports all DCB billing methods (3G/4G, WiFi)
  • One-time and subscription based payments
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