Get Viber for Business Messaging with SMS Fallback

Discover the most efficient tool for B2C communication – bring your SMS marketing services to a new level and communicate with your customers on the same platform they use with friends and family – Viber app, now available for Viber service messages broadcasts.

With more than 700 million users around the world and high penetration rates, the potential of Viber for advertising is enormous and the sky is the limit. Share your latest updates & information while offering an innovative engaging experience – connect with NTH to Viber for Business. We also suggest SMS as a fallback for Viber.

API is easy to implement and our customer success support will lead you through the process.

  • Instant, personal, engaging and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers
  • Official branded company profile
  • Transactional, Personal and Promotional messages
  • Up to 1000 characters, images and buttons (that link to a URL) within a single message
  • SMS fallback as an automatic alternative channel for non-app users
  • Reach 100% delivery rate with Viber + SMS scenario


Start today:

1. Let NTH Mobile integrate you on the Viber platform
2. Send messages via API or Web App:

• NTH’s Web App called CampaignFreak – best for marketing purposes.
• NTH‘s Multi Channel Messaging REST API – best for aggregators and corporates sending transactional messages.

3. Pay only for successfully delivered message
4. Enjoy 100% high delivery rate by Viber + SMS scenario (SMS Viber fallback)

Be the first to discover the power of combined chat apps in NTH Multi Channel messaging platform. Coming soon!

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