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Video: 100% reliable bulk SMS delivery using SIMTEST.it

Simple and reliable test of Bulk SMS routes worldwide

It only takes a minute to test the reliability of your bulk SMS provider. With SIMTEST.it you can test SMS delivery, validate the route, check origins and special characters. It’s literally as easy as sending a message, that’s all you have to do!

We currently cover over 150 networks in over 35 countries with more coming soon!

Sign up and start testing

In order for you to start testing, sign up for your account. All that you’ll have to do is:

  • agree on a keyword you’ll use for sending the test SMS
  • check immediate test report via e-mail or HTTP interface
  • start testing!

Here’s how easy it is

Once you have your account, it’s simple: log in to get a number to which you’ll send the test SMS with the keyword you provided, and get an instant report!

Check out the video to see a real test example.

To sign up and start testing, contact your account manager

or use the contact form.
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Bulk SMS testing

  • 150+ networks & 35+ countries
  • SIM cards worldwide
  • Real time remote test
  • Instant delivery report