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IVR Payment Solutions – Test Remotely From Abroad

Teleport yourself in target country abroad and locally test your IVR payment solutions

IVR payment solutions can now be tested using Simtest.it in real time with mobile prepay cards to get reliable, timely results for both payment execution and voice system navigation. We have upgraded our existing Simtest.it network with new hardware and software that allows you to test your premium and toll-free numbers, interactive and automated voice response systems and IVR call center functionality.

Verify your international IVR Payment processing

Now you can use Simtest.it to test:

  • Testing Premium voice numbers (0900 numbers) – confirm that the initial and subsequent minutes have been charged according to defined tariffs
  • Testing Toll-free voice numbers (0800 numbers) – verify whether the payment has been executed at the recipient’s side
  • Controlling interactive and automated voice response systems – check that DTMF menus function properly

To ensure that you spend your testing budget efficiently, voice testing comes with a limit of 5 minutes per call. This will protect you from overuse and overcharging.

Co-create our coverage roadmap

We would like to ensure that our coverage roadmap prioritizes countries that are of interest to you. While the initial launch of the service covers three countries (AT, HR, SI), the exact list of countries to follow is yet to be approved. This is where you come in! Let us know the countries where you would like to test IVR payment and navigation tests.

In which countries do you want to test IVR payment and navigation?

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