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Teleport yourself to new markets

Have you decided to launch a payment service or are you perhaps sending out campaigns to large databases of mobile numbers?

The only way you can be sure everything is working properly is by performing a real test for the entire flow of the campaign.

We have the tool to do it with. Simtest.it is a network of real GSM modems located in over 70 countries around the world, each 3G and 4G modem holding a real local operator’s SIM card – and Argentina is now included as well!

Here's what you can test:

  • Mobile web page look and feel
  • Payment & billing execution
  • Payment page performance and 1-click billing
  • Display of special characters
  • A2P SMS delivery and route quality
  • Voice services over Premium rate or a Freephone numbers

As interest for Simtest.it continues to grow, content providers, publishers and advertisers are increasingly using it to test the entire flow, from ad compliance and targeting to service usage and mobile payment.

P.S. We brought testing in Australia to a higher level! Besides Browsing, Payment and Bulk services, you’re now able to test Voice services via Premium rate and Freephone numbers.