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Paying for physical goods via mobile in Switzerland

Selling physical goods via mobile soon to be available all over EU

It is already possible in Switzerland, and will in the very near future be possible in all countries of the EU. Yes, we are talking about breaking the chains of micropayment for the sake of charging large sums of money on one’s mobile bill and purchasing physical goods using nothing more than a mobile device.

Mobile wallets – transitional stage to true mobile payment

Global domination of mobile devices is followed by the natural progression of using mobile devices as a payment channel. Country regulation has until now made it impossible to use mobile devices for anything other than micropayments and purchase of digital goods and services. In an attempt to bypass limitations set on mobile payment by regulation, mobile wallets were introduced as a hybrid solution combining mobile devices for authorisation of payment and credit cards for charging the desired amount.

Mobile payment without discrimination

The problem with mobile wallets was the credit card part. The number of people that own a mobile device is many times higher than the number of people that own credit cards. This significantly reduces the user base of mobile wallets, almost completely excluding younger population.

Allowing purchase of physical goods with a mobile device and charging it on the mobile bill eliminates all previous limitations of mobile payment set by micropayment and mobile wallets.

Switzerland among pioneers of true mobile payment

Due to the more liberal national regulation (compared to other European countries), Swiss mobile users can already purchase physical goods using nothing more than their mobile devices.

As for the rest of the EU, The Payment Services Directive, administered by the European Commission, is set to regulate payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Union and European Economic Area. The purpose of the Directive is to provide a level playing field for payment services across the entire EU. It is expected that it will be accepted by June 2015 and make paying for physical goods with mobile devices an equal opportunity for all EU citizens.

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Physical goods in CH

  • Available over Premium SMS
  • 100% market coverage
  • Higher payouts
  • Special short code required