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Premium Voice Esoteric Services – Revenue Opportunity

Extend Your Services to New Audiences With Premium Voice Payment

Looking for new service types with less expensive traffic and higher margin? Recent practice has proven that esoteric, horoscope or Astro services are a good option. If you have the right traffic channels, Astro services will enable better profit.  And we offer a Premium Voice turn-key solution which includes the entire service logic and payment.

Premium Voice Services With Attractive Payouts

There are several reasons Premium Voice is a smart business solution for your offering. While the prices of mobile traffic for mainstream services constantly rise, traffic for Astro services based on Premium Voice can be acquired at affordable prices. Another advantage comes from the fact that the payout for Premium Voice is higher in many countries than for mobile payment.

All You Need Is Content

We will provide everything else, including service logic and payment. And if you don’t have the content either, we can connect you with trusted partners who will provide it.

 Our Premium Voice turn-key solution includes:

  • The complete Voice infrastructure
  • Voice service logic
  • Voice payment
  • Expert consulting
  • Recording content in 24 languages
  • Online statistics
  • Extensive coverage (almost 30 countries)

Premium Voice allows different charging options: pay per minute, pay per call and combined. You can choose the option that will work best with your service.

Want to know more about Premium Voice?

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