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Premium SMS service for 8.5 million mobile users

Engage Baltic users with competitive premium SMS service

Competitive payouts, exceptional service AND reliable, remote testing for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is a deal you won’t get anywhere else. Combined with our country expertise and consulting services, our Baltic offer will support the success of your Premium SMS service in the far North of Europe.

Success with chat services in Latvia and Lithuania

Our experience with chat services so far has proven that mobile users in Latvia and Lithuania find this kind of interaction popular. The trend indicates that it may be profitable to invest in a chat service in the Baltic countries. With our help, the service approval and launch process will be efficient and successful.

Premium SMS service in Baltic countries

You can use Simtest.it in all three countries to test your services and mobile content or perform a market research before you launch your service. Even though the Baltic is an active VAS market, no adult content is supported.


  • 4.9 million mobile subscribers
  • Web initiated subscription allowed
  • No spending limits for one time services
  • Service types: one time, subscription, chat, in-app


  • 2.24 million mobile subscribers
  • Web initiated services with PIN confirmation are supported
  • Subscription services are supported over LMT and Tele2
  • No spending limits for one time services
  • Service types: one time, subscription, chat


  • 1.68 million mobile subscribers
  • Competitions and prize games are allowed
  • Service types: one time

Feel free to explore our country conditions pages for more details.

To get more information, use the contact form or call your account manager.

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