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Pay per Voice – Increase your payment coverage

Pay per Voice as a profitable extension of existing mobile payment services

Pay per Voice is a user-friendly payment solution for Value Added Services with high pay-out rates. It is based on NTH Mobile’s superior Interactive Voice Response (IVR) infrastructure which enables a simple billing process for both landline and mobile users.

Interestingly enough, it is easier to launch IVR payment services in some countries than it is to connect mobile payment. And since IVR is as simple to connect as mobile payment, with NTH Mobile using a customizable HTTP interface, Pay per Voice has proven to be the most lucrative VAS payment solution in many countries.

Along with providing high pay-out rates, NTH Mobile’s Pay per Voice service is a complete solution that is easily integrated with existing web solutions and comes with a full online call statistic.

Pricing models

There are several pricing models available with NTH Mobile’s Pay per Voice solution:

  1. Pay per call
  2. Pay per minute
  3. Combined (first minute fixed, additional time prorated according to defined time increments)

Choose an option that will best suite your business model. Your NTH Mobile account manager can offer advice on the pricing model that best suits your specific business model.

Premium numbers

Pay per Voice enables users to pay for services or goods by calling a premium number. And the advantage of Pay per Voice over SMS payment is access to land-line phone users. Just as with mobile phones, land-line users can simply call a number and put the charge on their monthly phone bill.

Some users find it easier to make a call than compose a text message. Moreover, they can save the number in their phone memory. That way, the payment process is reduced to a touch of the button on their phone.

For an effortless implementation of Pay per Voice service, NTH Mobile also provides a number of available premium rate numbers in countries where the service is supported.

When to use Pay per Voice?

IVR as a solution is generally used for directory services, virtual chat services, voting and competitions, adult entertainment content and charity donations. Out of those, the most popular ones where you can use Pay per Voice are:

  • Streaming media payment
  • Web content payment
  • Buying virtual goods
  • Info and chat

Special offer

Connect Pay per Voice in Slovenia with no set-up fee and no monthly fee for first 3 months. This offer is valid for available numbers only and expires April 12th 2013. Contact your account manager to take advantage of this excellent business opportunity.

Start expanding your payment coverage with Pay per Voice.

Contact your account manager or leave your contact information for further details.
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Connect Pay per Voice in Slovenia with NO SET-UP FEE and NO MONTHLY FEE for first 3 months.

This offer is valid for available numbers only and expires April 12th 2013.

Pay per Voice Strong Coverage

Here is the list of Balkan and German-speaking countries where NTH Mobile Pay per Voice offers higher pay-out rates:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland

Contact your account manager for the full list of countries with higher pay-out rates for Pay per Voice.