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NTH Group offers solutions for every stage of the value chain

If you want to run a profitable business, no matter where you sit in the mobile business value chain, having the right support and source of quality solutions for business is essential. Take advantage of our 16+ years of experience in the mobile business and find a solution that is right for you.

The Mobile Business Value Chain

Mobile business value chain is centered on owners of smartphones and tablets as mobile consumers. They generate the major part of mobile payment revenue stream by paying for content consummation and service usage.

Anyone in mobile business chain who has customer relations is legally obliged to offer customer care. Another even more important reason is to provide best customer experience & customer satisfaction.

Mobile networks are the cornerstone of the mobile payment through money collection. As infrastructure provider, they offer to their end users fast and simple payment for different online services and even goods.

Payment aggregators are mediators between service providers and mobile operators.
Commercial & technical connection to mobile operators is quite demanding. Aggregators offer access to mobile operators in different countries through 1 connection.

Mobile payment is the simplest way to sell (gaming, digital content, etc.). It is a quick, simple and viable alternative to cash and credit cards for paying small to medium amounts. Conversion rates are higher than other payment methods.

Service providers acquire and retain customers and users through mobile advertisement campaigns. They charge usage by mobile payment due to its higher conversion rate compared to other payment methods.

Marketing agencies buy mobile inventory from media/publishers, ad networks and seldom affiliates aiming to run creative campaigns for their clients.

Affiliate networks use a special form of mobile advertising focused on maximizing marketing performance by measuring results and optimizing campaigns accordingly. Smart targeting is the key of affiliate marketing.

Mobile ad networks acquire and aggregate publishers’ inventory on mobile portals, applications and games to run mobile advertising campaigns.

Publishers invest into mobile apps, portals and games as their audience has gone mobile. Return of investment is obtained through monetization of mobile inventory (mobile advertising).


It all starts and ends with end users

✓ They are the essential part of the mobile business value chain. Owners of smartphones and tablets, whose numbers increase daily, are the mobile consumers that generate the major part of the revenue stream

✓ Mobile users consume content through mobile media owned by publishers. (The Swiss Digital – mobile app development)

✓ In order to return the investment into mobile channels, publishers monetize their mobile inventory using mobile advertising. (ClickAttack – mobile advertising network)

✓ Publishers can also monetize their mobile inventory using affiliate networks. (AdCumulus – affiliate software)

✓ While consuming the mobile media, end users come across mobile advertising campaigns, created by marketing agencies. (ClickAttack – mobile advertising, mobile creative)

✓ These advertising campaigns promote mobile services created by service providers. (Samurai Digital – VAS development)

✓ If mobile users like what they see in the mobile campaign, they will purchase the service using mobile payment. (Mocopay – mobile payment)

✓ Since the mobile revolution has enabled service providers to offer their services on a global scale, they use payment aggregators as single access point for mobile payment in multiple markets and operators (NTH Mobile – payment aggregator)

✓ And to ensure that the service or campaign is running properly in every market, any player in the mobile business chain can test it. (Mococheck – reliable testing using real SIM cards)

✓ Finally, when mobile users need help with the services they are using, they will contact customer care. (Mococare – professional customer care services)


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