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Direct Carrier Billing in Sweden

WyWallet’s revenue share surpasses 97%

Sweden is another European country that has recognized the benefits of direct carrier billing.

With revenue share up to 97%, WyWallet direct carrier billing takes over a significant part of credit card market share.

Mobile payment experience powered by WyWallet includes support for fully customized checkout and accepts payments up to 500SEK (~54€).

While web direct carrier billing using PIN code is available with all mobile operators, 2-click mobile billing is available on Telenor and Tele 2.

Both direct carrier billing options support subscription and one time purchase models.

How direct carrier billing works in Sweden

The landing page for both one-off and subscription service is yours to design. Local regulator defines that the following mandatory information should be included:

  • Service price
  • Description (including the word “prenumeration” in case of subscription)
  • Service provider’s customer service telephone number
  • Name of the service provider or the service, which ever will be clearer to end users

Mobile user orders the one-time service by tapping the BUY (KOP) button. For subscription services, mobile user confirms the purchase with the OK button.  

WIFI and landline users are offered a two-step purchase: they type their phone number into the web form and verify the purchase by the PIN code received via SMS.

User satisfaction first in Sweden

Sweden is the right market to offer your high quality digital services. Operators don’t mandate many obligatory advertising elements and freedom to design the checkout page is greater than in many European countries. However, according to Customer satisfaction index (CSI), Swedish customers are European leaders when it comes to demand for quality and value. Investing in top-quality mobile operator billing with superb user experience definitely pays off in Sweden.

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Direct carrier billing in Sweden

  • Tariffs up to 500 SEK
  • No limitations on amount consumed
  • One-off and subscriptions available
  • 2-click and PIN options supported
  • Time to market: 7 days
  • Adult is allowed
  • NTH Mobile ensures live service test
  • Mandatory Customer care  (we provide customer support in native Swedish)