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Direct Carrier Billing in Australia will expand your service reach

Payment via mobile phone - connect to biggest Australian mobile operators

Extending the coverage of your goods and services to Australia’s 20+ Million subscribers is now easier and faster with NTH Mobile’s carrier billing platform.

Your offerings can now be purchased easily via direct operator billing (DCB) for Australian mobile operators with the most significant market share, Telstra and Optus, enabling you to reach the entire bulk of their mobile users and achieve high revenue potential.

Dynamic pricing range - one-time and subscription-based payments

With our newest DCB offer in Australia, we offer a dynamic pricing range, so you can accommodate different services based on one-time or subscription-based payment model.

Popular services include Gaming and Glamour Content Subscription Services, as well as one-off purchase and micro-billing services. View all the mobile payment services we offer and country conditions in Australia here.

After your service has been approved, you will want to test it to ensure that everything is running properly. For that purpose, we recommend using Simtest.it, as the service covers all Australian operators. That way you can get instant, reliable confirmation that the service flow is problem-free.

To extend your services using DCB in Australia, contact your account manager or use the contact form.

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