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Russia – Promising Future of Mobile Commerce

Lucrative Mobile Commerce Solution For 256M Mobile Subscribers

Mobile commerce for single purchase services up to 15.000 RUB is now available in Russia. Payouts up to 94% promise to boost the expansion of mobile commerce in Russia supported by all major carriers (Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Utel). Now is the right time for you to enter the Russian market.

Russian Mobile Commerce Trends

Due to the recent introduction of technological neutrality, Russian mobile market is experiencing a profound revolution. A market which has until recently been monopolized by three major mobile operators is now opening to new players, which are bound to change the situation. There is yet another factor that will surely affect the mobile penetration. Mobile operators are legally bound to provide coverage in all towns whose population exceeds 1000 inhabitants.

Additionally, the popularity of smartphones and tablets is highly increasing in Russia, and budget smartphones are especially popular. As for service types, Russian mobile users prefer online games and social media.

Mobile Commerce – Preferred Purchase Tool

Thanks to flexible rates and high payouts, many service providers are favouring mobile commerce. In order to protect mobile users in the web initiated payment flow, a version of double opt-in is instated, where end users must reply to an incoming SMS to verify the payment. Mobile users are further protected against fraud.

The market shows favor to service providers as well. Unsuccessfully charged transactions, due to limitations set by operator’s tariff conditions or issues with the mobile payment platform, can be re-charged. In addition, end users aren’t redirected to third party payment gates at the point of purchase.

Full Support Package

Since the operators approve services on a case-by-case basis, our experts will help you in the document preparation process. Once your service is live, we can support you with remote testing (Simtest.it), service review and consultation.

Contact your account manager to get started, or use the contact form.

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