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WiFi end users enabled to subscribe to Value Added Services

Over 70% of all mobile users access mobile portals via WiFi. Until now VAS providers had a problem identifying their MSISDNs and turning them into paying customers.

IBC (Identify By Call) solves this problem, using a solution that is simple for both end users and VAS providers. With a single click-to-call button, smartphone and tablet users will be motivated to use Value Added Services while VAS providers acquire their MSISDNs and generate even more revenue.

Will you ignore more than 1 billion smartphone users?

Yes, there are more than 1 billion smartphone users worldwide. And if your Value Added Service is available over mobile internet, these users may as well be invisible to you. But we can change that. This is how IBC solves your problem:

  • It is a ready-made software module
  • It can be easily integrated into any VAS
  • It identifies smartphone and other WLAN users’ MSISDN
  • It allows you to charge those users for your services

IBC essentials

As a complete solution, IBC will increase your reach among mobile users, and help you increase your revenue manifold. These are the essentials you need to know before starting with IBC:

  • Integration into value added services is quick and simple
  • Provides not only MSISDN info but NWC info as well
  • Personalized or branded prompts
  • Multilingual support
  • Device recognition provides info on device model and capabilities

Get IBC within 5 working days!

That’s how little time it takes to get your IBC service up and running, provided you already have your own 0800 number or a local number. If not, we’ll help you get one and then set up IBC. It’s done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Contact us and order IBC service
  2. Define integration elements and parameters with your sales representative
  3. Start charging!

That’s all it takes, so contact us to expand your reach and start creating revenue!

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IBC Fast delivery markets

  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom

For a complete list of available countries, contact us!