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Consumer support

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As payment aggregator, NTH connects content providers to mobile operators. We provide merchants with a technical platform to deliver their content and services to end users and charge it via the mobile phone.

NTH operates and sells services based on the Business-to-business model with all their Clients exclusively, and never offers any own services to end users. Payment orders for content service usage are initiated by Mobile Operators. These payment orders are executed over NTH’s payment connections. Content Providers are solely responsible for services charged over NTH’s payment infrastructure, and they are the ones who decide what is charged and how.

Having signed a contract with some of NTH companies, any Content Provider has the obligation to abide by the legal terms of the contract, under which all charges must be previously confirmed by the end users to the Content Provider.

  • As a technical provider, NTH provides technical support in receiving and sending payment orders between service owners/advertisers on the one side and end users on the other.
  • In the process of consummation, delivery and collection of digital content, in which Mobile Operators provide mobile infrastructure and connectivity, NTH provides payment aggregation between Content Providers and Mobile Operators.
  • Based on incomplete billing information that is in some cases delivered to mobile users, NTH is sometimes regarded as the party responsible for issues with service usage. Furthermore, when end users complain about the service to the operator, the name of the company with whom the direct contract is concluded, which is NTH, is disclosed to the end user.
  • Because NTH acts as the mediator between Mobile Operators and Content Providers, some end users are not adequately informed about the true nature of the owners of services in question.

Although none of the NTH companies are responsible for services delivered by Content Providers, NTH takes special care in providing the best possible user experience, handling any user inquiry swiftly and providing the user with complete information about the Content Provider and their contact details.