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Reach over 22 million Balkan mobile users with MT billing

Reach over 22 million Balkan mobile users with MT billing

New countries in Balkan MT billing coverage

NTH Mobile has added new Balkan operators to its MT billing coverage, which now amounts to over 22 million mobile users and covers 5 Balkan countries:

  • Croatia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Macedonia

Consequently, MT Billing is now available over Bosnian BH Telekom as well as T-Mobile and M-Tel in Montenegro. This addition expands our Balkan MT billing coverage by over 5 million mobile users.

Bosnia and Montenegro – quick facts

Bosnia and Herzegovina has 3 mobile operators with 3,19 million mobile users and a smartphone penetration of 15,5%.

Montenegro, with 3 mobile operators, adds 991,000 mobile users to our Balkan MT billing coverage. Of all the Balkan countries, Montenegro has the highest mobile user penetration, 158%. Out of those mobile users, 35,8% accessed mobile internet over their mobile devices and 17,1% were 3G users.

Available service types

With the addition of MT billing, these service types are now available in Bosnia and Montenegro:

  • onetime services
  • subscription services
  • adult services (only in Montenegro)

About the Balkan MT billing market

5 countries that form the NTH Mobile Balkan MT billing market share a historical connection. As they were all part of the Former republic of Yugoslavia, years of shared history have formed a bulk of countries with similar affinities, especially when it comes to mobile and digital content services. Having said that, there are differences between said countries, as some countries show more development as they prepare to enter the European Union. With a combined population of over 18 million and over 22 million mobile users, these Balkan countries are a fertile ground for Value Added Services.

Balkan Quick Facts

Balkan quick facts

Balkan market features

  • Direct connection to all operators
  • Best pay-outs possible
  • Local support
  • Customer care
  • Full support