Mobile solutions for banking and finance build relationships

Banking and finance solutions - NTH-mobile.com

How does using mobile solutions increase your profit? It provides added value to your existing services. It builds trusting relationship with your customers and makes it easy for your clients to use your services.

Create a constant flow of information towards your clients. Provide mobile payment options that will allow them to simply and quickly use your payment services from their mobile phones. Send them customized messages that will boost your clients’ loyalty to your brand.

Here are some mobile solutions you can use to strengthen your bond with clients and create new business:

  • Bulk SMS and MMS for customized alerts (e.g. account balance, credit balance, fraud management, credit card transactions), offers and info messages.
  • Zero rated short code for promotional campaigns and service activation, where your clients can simply send you messages free of charge.
  • Two way messaging for a mobile communication channel with clients (SMS customer care, SMS FAQ…)
  • Mobile internet or direct operator billing for mobile banking services.
  • Mobile CRM campaign that gives you a complete insight into clients’ spending, saving and investment preferences and habits.
  • Mobile applications that locate ATMs and offices, provide banking tips, stock market information, insurance options and updates…

These are just some examples. Contact us and we will explore together which of our solutions fits your company best.