VAS services on Croatian market

Croatia is one of the most developed markets of SE Europe. Its Value Added Services market is mature as it exists for many years. When it comes to services available on Croatian market, MT Billing services are very popular. However, here is the list of all available services on the market:

Available tariffs

Croatian operators support MT billing tariffs up to 40,00HRK (~5,5€) and MO billing tariffs up to 6,20HRK (~0,83€).

Direct connection

With a direct connection to all operators in Croatia, NTH Mobile guarantees the top quality support for your services running over a dedicated short code.

Unique mobile advertising opportunity

ClickAttack, the regional mobile advertising network, is a part of NTH Group. This means that all NTH Mobile clients will be granted special conditions concerning advertising through ClickAttack. This unique opportunity will allow you to promote your services on Croatian's mobile channels and create successful campaigns with large end users' conversion.

Supporting services

Customer support

Croatian regulation demands a local phone and local language customer support. For an easy start, NTH has prepared a Quick starter package from 30€ per month - e-mail, local phone & native speaking agents included!

Testing Croatia remotely

You can acquire to control the quality of your value added service with real local SIM cards. covers 30 countries, including Croatian SIM cards available for local live tests performed remotely from your PC.

This special offer is for a limited number of short codes - get your Croatian dedicated short code today!

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  • No setup fee!
  • Discount on short code monthly fee
  • Immediate start
  • MT billing short codes available for order, tariffs up to 40,00 HRK (~5,5€)
  • MO billing short codes available for order

Croatia - quick facts

  • Population: approx. 4,48 million
  • Mobile subscribers: approx. 5 million
  • Mobile penetration rate: 119.22%
  • Billing type: MT and MO Billing

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