Easypay by Swisscom - Simple Mobile Payments

Easypay by Swisscom is a simple, 1-click mobile payment solution which enables customers to purchase products and services via mobile internet. It is available for both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

Easypay is a great online payment solution for purchases of virtual and physical goods. Customers can buy things like tickets, food orders and online content - without the need for using credit cards or cash.

Fast and convenient payments with Easypay greatly increase your conversions, with the option to customize the offer disclaimers to your needs.

  • Cash-free payments without registration
  • Payments charged to customer's mobile bill
  • Available for purchases up to 100 CHF
  • Supported on mobile devices, computers and tablets with Swisscom SIM cards
  • Swisscom takes care of identifying and authenticating customers
  • Web-based reporting tool, provider and customer support included

Mobile payments with Swisscom Easypay are available over a mobile network, WLAN or LAN. This payment method is currently used by more than 6 million users (pre-paid and post-paid Swisscom customers).

Increase payment conversions and expand your reach with Swisscom Easypay.

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