Post Billing – Carrier Free Billing & Payment Method

Post billing is a unique and rather new payment solution where service or content charge is not executed by the mobile operator. The invoice is instead sent to the mobile user by a billing company, which handles the complete payment process. This payment system allows service providers to sell goods and services for amounts higher than micropayment systems allow. This is because the charge will not appear on users’ mobile bill. They will instead receive a simple invoice that can be paid in any bank.

Higher tariffs than with any other mobile payment solution

  • Supports high tariffs
  • Billing system independent of mobile operators
  • Subscription service, automatically extended subscription services and one-time payment supported
  • NTH Mobile customer care full service
  • Integration and customer care provided

We provide the integration of service between the service provider and invoicing company. We also provide customer care service used for identification of users and acquiring their contact information using the phone number they provide at the point of purchase.

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