A Complete Billing Solution for Mobile Operators

NTH Mobile's platform empowers mobile network operators to tap into a new and growing revenue stream presented by app stores and other emerging mobile entertainment services.

MNOs can overcome Carrier Billing integration challenges and technical obstacles by relying on a scalable and powerful, full-service infrastructure without significant investments or technical competence on their part.

Utilize a complete solution, entailing everything from direct mobile payment processing to financial compliance, reporting and customer support.

Connecting the platform for mobile payments is quick and easy with NTH Mobile, saves resources and bares no integration costs for Mobile Operators.

Everything you need to grow revenue from mobile payments

  • Scalable and fast payment infrastructure developed in-house
  • Advanced analytics tools to measure and monitor key performance metrics
  • Devoted customer care and progressive fraud prevention
  • Competent and experienced NOC team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with 16 years of experience in 24x7 service operation
  • Unique tool for remote mobile testing in SIMTEST.it
  • Connections to app stores and access to existing merchant base

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Direct Carrier Billing_Mobile Payment Platform for Mobile Network Operators
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