Mission & Vision

NTH Mobile’s mission as leading AISP (Applications and Infrastructure Service Providers) is to achieve maximal client and partner satisfaction through a longstanding and prosperous partnership. We believe that the right way to accomplish such challenge is to create and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions. Such solutions will enable our clients and partners to prosper and become a leader in their market. The key for success is to control the entire value-chain of creating, operating and maintaining value-added services based on our own infrastructure.

In this decade, the civilized world has entered a new communication revolution. IT, internet, media and telecommunication technologies, along with information and entertainment industry are all converging towards true mobility in tomorrow’s service society. The promise of true mobility is to have all the information and entertainment you need available anywhere, anytime. The future will bring a multitude of new services, devices and networks with ability to deliver interactive multimedia content. This revolution will forever change the way we interact with each other privately and professionally. The vision of NTH Mobile is to be the market leader driving this revolution with smart innovations created by a highly motivated team of professionals.