Powerful Affiliate Tracking & Performance Marketing Software

Affiliate Software is a cloud-based solution with which you can start your own affiliate programs right away. You'll be able to set up offers, manage affiliates, create invoices and control payouts. The system supports industry-standard methods for tracking impressions, clicks and conversions.

Key features

  • Advanced affiliate and offer management
  • Invoicing and payments
  • One-time and recurring CPA (click per action) and CPS (click per sale) models
  • Flexible pricing levels with possibility to set different prices for the first and each successive conversion
  • Private offers and special prices for certain affiliates
  • Customized e-mail templates and affiliate terms & conditions
  • Standard and secure server-to-server tracking
  • Management of creative files
  • Third-party conversion tracking
  • User friendly Affiliate GUI

Flexible CPA models

Affiliate Software enables you to differentiate first-time conversions (e.g. service subscription or the first-time purchase) from all further actions (e.g. a renewal for recurring services) thanks to an innovative conversion tracking method with conversion counter. Insightful reports help you optimize the performance of your affiliate program. Communication with affiliates is very simple, as they access the special graphical user interface where they can browse offers, analyze reports, view invoices, set their third-party tracking options, etc.

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