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Access to Mobile Advertising in Nigeria – Limited Offer

The unexpected yet effective way of using Opera for mobile advertising

Be NTH Mobile’s partner for services in Nigeria and get access to one of the most effective mobile advertising models.

 Opera Mini mobile advertising is one of the most dominant advertising models in Nigeria, providing massive reach, better visibility and high conversions.

To learn more about this unique opportunity, read on or contact your NTH Mobile account manager immediately.   

Who is eligible to use Opera Mini mobile advertising?

Opera Mediaworks, Opera’s advertising network, has been using their browser to offer an advertising opportunity.

As their partners, we are authorised to extend this offer to our own partners. Meaning, if you already have launched a service in Nigeria with us, you can ask your account manager to help you get started with advertising.

Along with advertising, this partnership allows us to offer full Direct Carrier Billing campaigns and services on Opera mini.

If you are still planning to extend your presence to Nigeria, now is the time to do so, since NTH Mobile offers service delivery, excellent conditions, full market coverage, consulting services and cost-effective advertising.

How Opera Mini mobile advertising works

Opera Mini is a very popular and widespread mobile browser, especially in countries with expensive mobile plans and slow internet due to the lower quality of mobile infrastructure. Opera currently has 100 million users in Africa, with a 71.83% market share in Nigeria.

The ingenuity behind Opera Mini’s popularity lies in its ability to compress data, reducing the size of web sites up to 90%, thus significantly cutting down mobile traffic for end users.

This advantage was recognized by mobile operators who often offer branded browsers or have Opera Mini pre-installed to smartphones sold with their mobile plans.


Opera Mediaworks uses the start page of the browser, and inserts ads among bookmarks. This method of advertising has proven to have high conversions, has immense reach and offers great visibility.

Every time mobile users open their Opera Mini browser, they see ads, and this large number of impressions is achieved without having to work with publishers.

Start advertising your services in Nigeria!

Get in touch with your account manager today.
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