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Swedish Single click payments up to 500SEK

WyWallet has never been easier!

WyWallet is available for most Swedish users through automatic registration triggered by second payment transaction, making the account activation much more user friendly. Next to better payouts and customizable checkout page for higher conversion rates, WyWallet now offers single click purchase for digital or physical goods up to 500SEK.

Swedish innovation extends to mobile market

Sweden is one of the most advanced markets in the word, and this reflects in their mobile segment as well. Their infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace, and their innovation has been applied in the mobile sector with great success.

Full coverage – we have it all

NTH Mobile can offer you full coverage for mobile services in Swedish market. You can use both 1-click billing and Premium SMS (MT) to charge for your services. Here’s what else you can get in Swedish market:


  • Mobile internet billing and Premium SMS
  • Price points up to 500 SEK
  • Time to market: 2 weeks
  • One-off, subscription and chat services
  • Payouts up to 97%


Get more information about the market in Country Conditions.

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Sweden Quick facts

  • Population: 9.56 million
  • Mobile subscribers: 13.7 million
  • Language(s): Swedish
  • Mobile penetration: 143%
  • Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)
  • VAT rate: 25%