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Special offer – German Direct carrier billing pay-outs up to 100%

Turnover from Direct carrier billing in Germany continually rises

Germany is not only the largest European market, but is also in the top 10 mobile markets worldwide. According to Nielsen, German smartphone penetration grew to 62% in the first quarter of this year, creating a massive market for both Mobile internet and Web billing services in Germany.

Challenges of German mobile market

When chat services were banned from the German mobile market, Premium SMS profits were significantly impacted. However, premium service providers did not allow this to hinder their success on the German market, which is evident from the fact that premium services are continually growing.

Additionally, the introduction of Web mask for Web billing services and special disclaimer rules for Mobile Internet Billing services shook the German market and created a period of stagnation.

Fortunately, Germany has always been a country with the most amazing recovery skills, driven by industry and technical advancements. Accordingly, direct operator billing or carrier billing payment services like Mobile Internet Billing and Web billing, as well as Premium SMS,  show constant rise and are well on their way to recovery.

NTH Mobile supports Mobile internet and Web billing services in Germany

NTH Mobile now offers pay-outs up to 100% for Mobile Internet and Web billing in Germany. Here is our complete offer:

  • Pay-outs up to 100%
  • Flexible price points; up to 29,99€
  • Subscription and one time services
  • Full regulatory guideline support with disclaimer creation and set up
  • Adult, video, games, social community, dating, content download and virtual goods
  • Full operator coverage

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Germany Quick facts:

  • Population: 83 million
  • Mobile users: 115 million
  • Mobile penetration: 140%
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • VAT: 19%
  • Prepaid/postpaid ratio: 55%:45%