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Romania special offer – Top bulk prices!

Second chapter of Bulk SMS offer series

As we announced in our previous newsletter, we are continuing with special Bulk SMS offers. This time it’s Romania’s turn with top Bulk prices and 100% coverage with no interconnect fee.

The state of Romanian market

With close to 26 million mobile subscriptions, Romania is the largest country of South-eastern Europe and prides itself with a high mobile penetration.

A wide spectrum of services can be placed on the Romanian market, from micro payments, web payment, in-app payment games and community sites to chat, dating and adult services.

And with the rising influence from the western market, Romanian technology is rapidly developing due to investments in broadband.

Reduced price for Bulk SMS in Romania

Along with the reduced price, NTH Mobile can support your Bulk SMS campaigns in Romania with a top quality route, direct connection, strong local presence and market knowledge. To claim your reduced price, however, you need to contact us by the end of October!

Here are a few more key features for NTH Mobile’s Bulk SMS service:

  • Global coverage (over 800 mobile operators)
  • High capacity and quality
  • Single API
  • High performance
  • Comprehensive pricing – prepaid or postpaid, volume based
  • Flexible connection
  • Real-time statistics
  • 24/7 technical support

Get your reduced price for Bulk SMS in Romania! Contact your

account manager or leave your information in the contact form by the end of October!
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Bulk SMS in Romania - key features

  • Reaching all networks via direct Bulk connection
  • Stabile prices
  • Real time handset delivery reports
  • Alphanumeric sender ID support
  • Number portability check support
  • High throughput with fast SMS delivery

Romania Quick facts

  • Population: 20,1 Million
  • VAT: 24%
  • GDP (per capita): $ 12,300
  • Mobile users: 25,8 Million
  • Mobile penetration: 128%
  • Prepaid/postpaid ratio: 70%:30%
  • Smartphone penetration: 17%