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Reach 96 million Egyptian users: easier and more profitable than you thought!

Premium market for premium services

Egyptian market holds a massive opportunity with over 96 million mobile subscribers that are very receptive to premium campaigns. Moreover, the market can be entered with English content (web sites, campaigns, etc.); there is no need to translate it.

NTH Mobile offers you to connect your premium services with no set-up fee for tariff 5 EGP ($0.73) in December, full operator coverage and MO billing.

Egypt – an interesting and fresh market

With a continually growing mobile subscribers’ base and increasing rate of post-paid subscribers, Egypt is one of more attractive African markets for launching premium services. It was also one of the first countries on the continent that launched 3G mobile services.

Supported service types

You will be able to connect games, skill based competitions and games of chance. Here is a resume of the complete offer:

  • No set-up fee for tariff 5 EGP ($0.73) in December
  • Full operator coverage
  • MO Billing
  • Tariffs 0,5-5 EGP ($0.07-$0.73)
  • Time to market: 3 weeks

The offer expries at the end of December, so contact your

account manager or use the contact form in time!
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Egypt Quick facts

  • Population: 84.5 million
  • Mobile subscribers: 96.8 million
  • Mobile penetration: 117 %
  • VAT: 15%
  • GDP per Capita: 6,600 US$