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Premium services for 100 million mobile users in Nigeria!

Nigeria – the largest African market

Connect your Premium services through NTH Mobile and expand your reach to more than 100 million Nigerian mobile consumers. NTH Mobile enables you to invest in this fast-evolving market while it is still unsaturated with premium services.

With more than 160 million inhabitants, Nigeria is Africa’s biggest country. It is also the 7th most populous country in the world. This reflects on Nigerian premium messaging market demands, which grew significantly during the past year. The growth was propelled by 100 million mobile users willing to participate in the newest products and technologies available.

Nigeria’s fast development is facilitated by its oil boom, and it will surely become one of the most interesting markets for future business visionaries in value added services in general, as well as in mobile payment development.

Low fixed line internet penetration boosts SMS messaging

Due to low internet penetration and poor coverage, Nigerians are increasingly using their mobile phones for data trafficking and messaging is still their number one communication tool. In the market that has so many advantages and a future forecast for mobile subscribers at more than 130 million, this is an investment worth taking.

High tariffs and no spending limits

NTH Mobile can now offer you the following in Nigeria:

  • MO billing
  • Tariffs available: 30 NGN, 50 NGN and 100 NGN
  • No spending limits
  • Content download, social networking, flirt dating, games as well as different web payment services available
  • Full operator coverage
  • Complete regulatory guidelines

Along with MO billing, MT billing is in the preparation phase and will soon be available with NTH Mobile.

NTH Mobile can get your services placed on the market in only

2 weeks! Contact your account manager or leave your contact information.
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Nigeria Quick Facts

  • Population: 162. 5 million
  • Mobile users: 101 million
  • Mobile penetration: approx. 65%