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You won’t believe – Portugal is alive again :)

More options with Direct operator billing

Using Direct operator billing in Portugal is now much easier than ever before, offering wide customization options and more simple regulation. The obstacles you might have had in the past are now easier to overcome since Mobile payment with this new billing channel enables a much wider array of premium mobile service types, which includes subscription and higher price points. Play your cards right, connect Direct operator billing over NTH Mobile and just watch your revenues grow.

Direct operator billing to replace Premium SMS

As you are well aware, Premium SMS is regulated rather strictly in Portugal, which resulted in very low penetration, making it a less optimal solution to use with your services. The good news is that lower regulation for Direct operator billing brings new possibilities on Portuguese market, as it is easier than ever to connect new services.

Customized disclaimer pages increase conversion

More good news from Portugal: not only can you easily connect services with Direct operator billing, you can customize the checkout page to create a seamless flow and increase the conversion of your service.

Customization is available on MEO and Vodafone, which adds up to almost 14 million mobile users. The third and smallest operator is yet to allow customization.

Full service at your disposal

Not only will you be able to connect Direct operator billing quickly and easily, you will have access to the complete package of services that will make your entry into Portuguese market feel effortless:

  • Remote, reliable test for mobile content billing services
  • Professional Customer care
  • Consulting on market regulations

Free Simtest.it for three months

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Direct operator billing in Portugal

  • One time & subscription services supported
  • WIFI (PIN) fallback supported
  • Payment pages customization enabled
  • MSISDN pass-through support for MEO
  • Weekly limits up to 7EUR
  • Adult 18 + services supported (Vodafone & NOS only 16+)