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Pay with mobile – the best payment solution in Romania

Telekom introduces MT billing to encourage users to pay with mobile

You are no longer limited to one tariff per short code for Telekom users that pay with mobile for your services. With Telekom introducing MT billing, you can now have multiple tariffs on a single short code with all carriers. Diverse tariffs will increase the number of users that will be willing to pay with mobile devices.

25 million users wait for your services

Now that all operators allow all SMS billing types, a supporting environment is created for service providers on Romanian market. Users will be more eager to pay with mobile for various services for both internet and mobile content. And payouts with up to 90% for micro billing will make investments into value added services profitable for all service providers.

As the second largest country in South-East Europe with high mobile penetration, Romania offers over 25 million mobile users that are ready and willing to pay with mobile devices.

You can use microbilling for various service types and get payouts up to 90%. These service types include:

  • Social websites memberships
  • Software licenses
  • Digital content
  • PDF book for example
  • Tickets
  • E-tickets

Premium SMS tariffs

  • One time: up to 3,72€
  • Subscription: up to 3,72€
  • Micro Billing: up to 10€

Get more information about Romania in Country Conditions.

Your service can be approved within 2 weeks,

so contact your account manager today to get it started!
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Romania - Interesting facts

  • Single opt-in for SMS one time services
  • Multi-step billing allowed
  • Flexible price points
  • Adult services allowed
  • Higher payouts for micro billing