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NEW: Pay per minute for services in Poland

Why “pay per minute” with IVR is a profitable business case

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offers a pay per minute option to your service users. It is user-friendly and has a simple billing process with high payout rates. IVR can be used by landline users and mobile users on Orange, Plus and T-Mobile. This amounts to 88% of Polish mobile users, or more than 46 million mobile users and over 6 million landline users.

Cover all payment bases

We already wrote about why pay per minute with IVR is the most lucrative solution for premium services in many countries. Poland certainly falls into this category and offers tariffs from 1,05PLN to 6,25PLN (VAT excluded). Furthermore, connecting it to allow your users to pay per minute is even more simple than connecting mobile payment.

Here’s what you can connect:

  • All service types are supported
  • Adult and non-adult allowed

Time to market to connecting IVR in Poland is only 2 weeks! For more information about the Polish market, go to Country Conditions.

Expand your payment coverage!

Start by contacting your account manager.
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Poland Quick facts

  • Population: 38,5 million
  • Mobile subscribers: 53 million
  • Mobile penetration: 133%
  • Currency: Zloty (PLN)
  • VAT rate: 23%