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Pay-outs in Romania reaching up to 90% using a micro billing solution

User-friendly payment alternative to credit cards

With micro billing, NTH Mobile can offer you a high pay-out rate reaching up to 90%! You can offer simple and user-friendly payment method to your consumers by giving them an alternative to credit card payments. Micro billing is a new and advanced – although much simpler – billing method, popular and preferred among many mobile users.

High quality services in demand

Romanian market is evolving very fast and we are offering you the opportunity to expand your business to this untamed Eastern Europe country. The best way to come closer to a bigger audience and to attract more diverse types of subscribers is through all types of services with tariffs over €5, such as dating, games, astro, web payment services which are on extremely high demand in Romania.

Micro billing in Romania

NTH Mobile offers a high-end micro billing solution in Romania with:

  • Tariffs up to 20€
  • Pay-outs reaching up to 90%
  • Direct connection
  • Complete country coverage
  • Full assistance and guidelines regarding country regulations

When setting up a service over NTH Mobile, you will get service approval within 2 weeks thanks to our direct connection to Romanian operators.

If you too want to offer your services with such high pay-out

rates, contact your account manager or leave your contact information.
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Romania Quick facts

  • Population: 19,04 million
  • Mobile subscriptions: 25,08 million
  • Mobile penetration rate: 135%
  • Billing type: MO, MT and micro billing