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Conquering a big market takes a lot of time? Not if you use our way!

Single point of access to over 900 million Indian mobile users

Even though India is well on its way to surpass Japan and become the second largest smartphone market in the world, the majority of its population still uses feature phones. If you want to do the smart thing and cover the entire market, all 900 million of Indian mobile users, you will do it with NTH Mobile. We offer Premium SMS billing that will give you access to the bulk of India’s mobile users, and Mobile Internet billing, which will cover the rest of the mobile market. You will have access to the total Indian market; both feature phone and smartphone users, from a single point of access.

Why is mobile payment the better option for Indian market

To help make online credit card transactions in India more secure, India’s central bank enforces a two-step authentication process. Along with providing their payment information and credit card number, users have to provide a password, which has to be inputted manually. This complicates things for users and reduces the chance of conversion. On the other hand, mobile payment is simple and available for every person that owns a mobile device in India. Just to refresh your memory, that’s 900 million mobile users.

Mobile payment – key growth driver in India’s e-commerce

The most popular service types in India at this moment are games, content download and access to community sites. Indian market supports majority of service types. Only gambling and adult services are not supported, although bikini (soft) adult is allowed. You can reach 80% of Indian mobile users with Premium SMS:

  • MO and MT billing
  • Double opt-in for subscription services
  • MT billing multiple price points possible on short ID
  • SMS allowed to be used as a form of donation or to collect donations

The remaining 20% will use Mobile internet billing on their smartphones:

  • One time and subscription services
  • No minimal monthly fee
  • In App services allowed

Support during service approval

As operators approve services case by case, we will help you prepare the documentation for the approval process and maximize the chances for the positive outcome. NTH Mobile will support your service on Indian market with a full service:

  • Consulting service during approval process
  • Customer care (in English)
  • Mobile operators covered: Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, IDEA, Tata, Aircel, MTNL, Reliance, Unior
  • Simtest.it for reliable, remote testing

To launch your service as soon as possible, contact your account manager, or use the contact form.

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Country facts

  • Population: 1.241 billion
  • Mobile subscribers: 904 million
  • 3G and 4G subscribers: 80 million
  • Mobile penetration: 75%
  • Prepaid/postpaid ratio: 90%:10%
  • VAT 15% (WPC)