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New – Subscription services in Poland

Premium services are 2nd largest revenue generator for mobile operators

Along with mobile internet, Premium services and SMS payments generate the largest part of Polish mobile operators’ revenue. You can now connect your premium services with single opt-in over NTH Mobile and start generating your own revenue.

Polish premium services market

If we take a closer look at the premium services market in Poland, we can see the ratio of various service types. According to the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), Polish market regulator, the most popular service types are entertainment, esoteric and erotic services. This analysis by PMR, European market research and consulting company, shows the comparison of premium service types in 2010 and 2012.

Individual service types - Poland

Single opt-in for better conversion

NTH Mobile offers connecting highly demanding subscription services with single opt-in which enables better conversion and easier access for service users. Here is what you can get:

  • Subscription services:
    • No double opt in for MO initiated subscription services
    • Tariffs up to 11,07 PLN
  • Service types:
    • Community site, dating, games and content download
    • In-app payment
    • Adult
    • SMS Chat
    • Skill based games
  • Time to market: 4 weeks

To launch your services on Polish market, simply contact

your account manager or leave your contact information.
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Poland Quick Facts

  • Population: 38,5 million
  • VAT: 23%
  • GDP (per capita): 13500$
  • Mobile users: 53 million
  • Mobile penetration: 133%
  • Prepaid/postpaid ratio: 49%:51%
  • Smartphone users penetration: 18%