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NEW! Reach over 67 million mobile users in Turkey with premium web billing

Finally a simple method to connect value added services in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most interesting countries when it comes to premium mobile services with an astonishing turnover of more than 6 billion Euros by the end of 2012. This number is followed by a daily increase of the number of mobile users, which is rapidly growing.

However, the approval process for setting up Premium SMS may be long and challenging. On the other hand, setting up premium web billing is much simpler, easier and quicker, making it an attractive payment option for value edit services providers. Now they can easily connect multiple services on the Turkish market, a task once considered impossible.

Most popular premium services

Under western influence the premium telecommunication business has begun a transformation to adjust and implement payment methods for more modern, urban mobile users, which are taking over the Turkish population. One of these methods is web billing. End users are attracted to use this simple and modern type of billing with silent, background web billing option.

Use case for web billing

Entertainment services are widely spread in Turkey, but the most interesting applications of web billing service are definitely web games, app games and soft adult content. This type of content is welcomed by a more mature population that is willing to pay a higher price for the exclusive and high quality content. Another tempting factor is the flexible tariffs which can be used with daily limits up to €43 (operator dependent).

Web billing features

NTH Mobile can now offer you premium Web billing in Turkey with:

  • Better pay-out
  • Silent billing mechanism
  • Subscription services
  • Bikini/Soft adult content
  • Flexible tariff price points
  • Daily spending limits from 30€-43€

We can ensure great pay-out rates and flexible tariffs for your

Turkish market content. Contact your account manager and get started!
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Turkey Quick facts

  • Population: 75 million
  • Mobile subscriptions: 67 million
  • Mobile penetration rate: 90%
  • Billing type: MO, MT and WEB billing