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NEW! NTH Mobile brings subscriptions to Greece

Subscribe from Web with PIN confirmation

As of now, NTH Mobile offers Premium SMS subscription services in Greece, including web initiated subscriptions with PIN confirmation.

Experience shows this type of subscription activation achieves best conversion rates, compared to pure MO activation or even subscribing from Web with MO confirmation. What makes it user-friendly and popular among end users is the fact that they don’t have to send any text messages to activate the service. They simply request a PIN number to be sent to their phone using a web form, and validate it on web.

in-App payments

In-App payments are highly-demanded service in Greece, especially combined with subscriptions, most popular among young population. The fact that everything is done on a mobile device is the most appealing part, along with the fact that in-App opt-in enable subscribing with a single click.

Both Web and in-App payments can be used for offering adult content, trivia campaigns, multi-platform mobile games any many more.

Launch a subscription service in Greece with NTH Mobile

Here is what NTH Mobile offers to get you started on the Greek market.

  • MO and MT billing
  • One-off services
  • Tariffs up to 3,62€
  • 18+ content, games & content download allowed
  • Subscription services:
    • Web Initiated subscription with PIN confirmation
    • In-App payments
    • MO Initiated subscription

Time to market - IMMEDIATELY!

If you contact us today, you can launch your subscription service on the Greek market immediately!

All you have to do is contact your account manager

or leave your contact information
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Greece Quick facts

  • Population: 11, 26 million
  • Currency: EUR
  • VAT: 23%
  • Mobile users: 19,585 million
  • Mobile penetration: 174%
  • Prepaid/postpaid ratio: 70%:30%