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NEW! Mobile payments easier than ever

Effortless solution for mobile payments with highest payout rates

If you are looking for the best mobile payment solution, you need to look no more. Mocopay is an immediate, cashless and cardless payment solution ready for you! It supports a no-effort SDK or mobile payment widget implementation especially for single payments most used for game payments, app unlocks, etc.

The simplest way to accept mobile payments for mobile games and digital content

The newest NTH brand is here to make accepting mobile payments simpler than ever. All you have to do is register and implement a ready-made SDK or mobile payment widget. The next step is to sell your digital stuff and collect money. Nothing more to it!

Game and digital content providers love turbo boosting their revenues

With global coverage, simple integration and competitive payouts, Mocopay mobile payment solution is suitable for anyone that wants a quick time to market and great revenues. This is not so only for game or digital content providers. Mocopay mobile payment is a great match for numerous industries:

  • Mobile apps and games
  • Online games
  • Cloud services
  • Social networking and dating
  • Desktop games and software
  • App stores

No setup or monthly fee

Simply implement Mocopay’s SDK and widget into your game, app or website and you can start using m-payments. You’ll extend your reach when you allow your users to pay by mobile, as you will get access to audiences that were previously prevented from purchasing your stuff.

You can get more info about this mobile payment solution on the website, or you can contact your account manager to start using it immediately!

Get in touch to start using m-payments to boost your revenues!

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Mocopay features

  • Global coverage
  • Direct connection to mobile operators
  • Simple integration
  • Quick time to market
  • Competitive payouts
  • 24/7 expert technical support
  • Complete real-time reports