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NEW! – Mobile Internet billing in Norway!

Deliver your mobile content to the rich Norwegian mobile market

As we add yet another country to NTH Mobile’s MIB coverage, Norway, you can now easily and quickly connect Mobile Internet billing to Norwegian market over a direct connection with NTH Mobile. Norwegian market is an especially valuable asset to our Mobile internet payment portfolio thanks to its rich mobile history. Norway is one of the first countries that offered commercial mobile services to its mobile users and has been implementing and adopting innovative mobile services and technologies since.

Mobile content since 1997

Norway has a long tradition of offering mobile content. As early as 1997 Norwegian mobile users were offered various mobile content such as news, stock quotes, weather info, telephone number lookup, chat and e-mail.

Along with these basic SMS services, Norwegian market has long been offering location based services, one of them being taxi dispatch services. There are many other mobile services and types of content available on Norwegian market, as it has always been a forerunner in mobile technology. The adoption of mobile in Norwegian market is so high that it has shaped the way Norwegian users approach business and private lives.

Single click purchases

Along with the quick set-up time and direct connection, this is what NTH Mobile offers for the Norwegian market:

  • Mobile Internet Billing
  • Disclaimer fully customised according to our clients wishes!
  • Single click purchase!
  • Tariffs up to 200 NOK!
  • Adult and skill based games are allowed


With a mobile population used to doing everything on mobile,

Norway is the right market for your mobile content. Contact your account manager or leave your contact information to get the ball rolling!
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Norway Quick facts

  • Population: 5 Million
  • Mobile users: 6,73 Million
  • Mobile penetration: 124%